Theological Humanism

Panel Convenor: Daniel Boscaljon

system, just as the word “human” conjoined with theology provides finite implications and prevents theological doctrine from becoming an endless play of mirrors. In questioning “What Is the Place of Truth?” the Theological Humanism panels will examine the following topic areas through the lenses of culture, theology, and philosophy:

1: Geographies:
How does the play of truth illuminate specific geographical places, and/or how does “truth” become gathered in the fusion of earth and sky, mortal and divinity? How does culture change the role of place in attesting to truth? Does the truth of a place change, or only social modes of articulating and experiencing the truth of a place? How does culture create geographies?

2: Communities: 
What place does truth have in community, especially larger social communities predicated on ideologies? Is the place of truth to recover an initial sense of intimacy that is lost in modern societies? Or do social frameworks allow humans to have access to truth as its coming manifestation?

3: Institutions: 
As political and religious institutions come under increasing scrutiny as being dishonest, it has become increasingly important to know what truth is and means at levels of anonymous abstraction. How do institutions re-place truth from a more intimate human experience? Is this way of re-placing truth as good as what one might otherwise experience? If not, what is lost?

4: Bodies:
Given that flesh is our interface with the world, in what way do human bodies collect and reflect truth’s ongoing work of revealing and concealing? Is there a difference between ways that living flesh gathers truth and ways that representations of bodies do the same? What is the interaction between them?

Please send abstracts (300 words maximum) and a short biography (75 words maximum) to Daniel Boscaljon The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018 (response from the panel can be expected towards the end of March or beginning of April). Ultimately, speakers will only be allowed to give one presentation at the conference so if you are submitting to another panel as well, please let us know so that we can liaise with the other strand chairs.