Religious and Inter-Religious Studies

Panel Convenor: Alana Vincent

Call for Papers:

Analytic philosophy of religions tends to construct religions as sets of truth claims to be analysed for their verifiability and compatibility. This approach has rightly been criticised for producing highly theorised models of “religion” with little resemblance to religious systems as experienced by their participants or practitioners. In keeping with this panel’s stated mission of holding together methodological approaches from the study of religions with the theoretical concerns of theology of religions (broadly construed), we invite papers which consider questions such as:

  • “Post-truth” versus multiple truths as theories of religion
  • Hospitality and the relinquishment of truth claims
  • Theories of religion in the work of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  • Other approaches to issues of belief and reality, particularly in genre fiction

Please send proposals and abstracts (around 300 words) and a short bio to Alana Vincent, The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018 (response from the panel can be expected towards the end of March or beginning of April). Speakers will only be allowed to give one presentation at the conference. If you are submitting to another panel as well, please let us know so that we can liaise with the other strand chairs.