Postcolonial Studies

Panel Convenors: Fiona Darroch and Alicia Broggi

This panel welcomes papers that explore relations between religion, truth, and cultural contingency through postcolonial writings and theory.
Questions to address include (but are not limited to):

  • In what ways, and to what extent, are postcolonial approaches to questions of ‘truth’  driven by questions of intertextuality and forgotten stories?
  • How do specific postcolonial writings or theories draw from religious traditions to challenge dominant discourses?
  • In what ways do specific genres restrict or contribute to postcolonial writers’ capacities to ‘re-tell’ forgotten or alternative truths? 
  • How do considerations of genre pertain to depictions of political and activist works that ‘expose the truth’, potentially in contexts of great threat?
  • What demands are placed upon conceptions of ‘truth’ by contexts of political unrest and humanitarian crisis, in which ‘God’ is part of the conflict?
  • How do specific postcolonial writers expose the politicized implications of positioning oneself as the one who knows, and tells, the truth?
  • In postcolonial writings and theory, how do concerns surrounding truth and narrative contribute to a reluctance to ‘name’ (something-we-might-call-) ‘religion’?

Abstracts of around 300 words can be sent to Fiona Darroch and Alicia Broggi at The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018 (response from the panel can be expected towards the end of March or beginning of April). Speakers will only be allowed to give one presentation at the conference. If you are submitting to another panel as well, please let us know so that we can liaise with the other strand chairs.