Ecotheologies: Culture, Nature and Religion

Panel Covenor: Anna Fisk

Call for Papers:

This panel seeks contributions which explore the relationship between spiritual and ecological imaginaries in literature and culture. The basis of this panel is the conviction that, in the face of environmental crisis, it is vitally important to create new visions of the human relationship with the natural world. Religion is a crucial source for this project, whether through reimagining ancient traditions or engaging in new nature-based spiritualities. 

Following the overall conference theme, proposals to the Ecotheologies panel should be focused on the keywords truth and place. Suggested questions for discussion may include:

  • Creative and theological responses to the contested truth of human-induced climate change.
  • Ecological and spiritual activism in a ‘post-truth’ society.
  • Myth, arts and literature as forms of truth to be deployed alongside scientific ways of knowing.
  • Religious and artistic reflections on the truth of dwelling in place, both as attention to particular places and concepts of earth as home.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute presentations, whether formal papers or creative performances. We are also open to proposals for 90-minute panels which use an alternative format, provided there are multiple contributors. All proposals should be emailed, along with a brief author bio, to (abstracts, 300 words maximum, bio, 75 words maximum). The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018 (response from the panel can be expected towards the end of March or beginning of April). Speakers will only be allowed to give one presentation at the conference. If you are submitting to another panel as well, please let us know so that we can liaise with the other strand chairs.