Bursary Application

Apply by 31 May

We welcome bursary applications from postgraduate and unwaged/low income scholars who meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • you have no other source of funding available from another body (i.e. from your research grant; or institution’s department or graduate school)
  • you are a postgraduate student or an independent scholar and/or on a low income;
  • you are giving a paper at the conference.

Please send in your application by email
by 31 May 2018
to mattias.martinson@teol.uu.se,
with the subject ‘The Place of Truth bursary application’.

The e-mail should include the following details:

1. Name

2. Institution

3 Position

4 Do you wish to apply for …

a) waiver of full conference fee (including Saturday banquet)? YES/NO

b) help with accommodation costs (to the value of 400 SEK per night for 3 nights)? YES/NO
Please note that we will prioritise non-funded students and early-career scholars on a very low income.

c) help with travel costs (up to the value of 1000 SEK)? YES/NO
Please note that this will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

5. Please list the panel and the title of the paper you will give at the conference.

6. Please provide relevant information about your circumstances that will enable us to make a fair decision.
E.g. your funding or employment situation, rough indication of your annual income, where you are travelling from, estimated travel and accommodation costs, and any other notable circumstances (i.e. your home nation is Majority World country, childcare costs due to attending the conference, etc.). This information will be kept strictly confidential and deleted after bursaries have been awarded.